Usually the student or students have limited money. Because most monthly earned money comes from the parents. For students who want to earn extra money, saving and working part-time is an effective way in order to have their own income while still a student.

Here are tips for managing money for students:
1. Write each spending money
It looks a bit overdone, but with regular writing any expenses already incurred, will help you to know the expenses that you incur, and can be more

2. Avoid credit cards and always use cash
Having a credit card is tantamount to making the debt burden if you can not use it properly. If you are comfortable using it, leave that habit now. Switch to pay with cash. It is very effective to help limit monthly spending.

3. Frugality
In addition, frugality also need to be done by reducing snacks outside, it would be better if you can cook for yourself or for the boarding and no time to cook, caterer monthly selection is also a good idea, of course while comparing the previous price.

4. Always compare rates
Whether it’s for money rental housing for which is outside the city, the phone’s data plan, or transportation costs. Get used to always check the price before using the things above.

Usually depending where the price offered is also different. Who knows, you can lower prices so that more efficient for monthly expenses.

5. Saving
Make a habit of saving, is certainly known to be very useful if you need money in an emergency. Set aside some pocket money given by parents into savings.