If you are one of those who are looking for private money lenders, this could be an indication that you have just fallen into a financial emergency. This happens to almost anybody not only in the United States but all across the world. To date, the fact remains that there is a very small percentage of the society that does not run out of money but a big part of the population needs options just in case they do.

For some of us, borrowing money from family members is not an option so is borrowing through credit cards either because you have reached your credit limit or you have a bad credit. This is where private money lenders come in. Individuals who have gotten into an unexpected expense but do not have the cash at this moment are the most common borrowers of private money loans. Private money lenders offer short term loans to people who have had a hard time borrowing money from banks or other traditional lenders.

If you need to borrow financing from private money lenders, collect personal data that may be relevant to your search for lenders. Gather all important papers in advance. Oftentimes, you will need to present a proof of income and other financial documents including bank statements in advance. You can search for lenders online. You can find them listed in the investment bank section of your Yellow Pages. You may also look for names on the Internet. Asking contacts from banks or credit unions will also be helpful. These financial institutions will be able to assist you in finding lenders in your local area.

Once you find a private money lender, be prepared to explain you situation. Ask for a loan application form and fill it out. Be honest with any information that you put in your application. Lenders will have their ways of finding out whether or not you are telling the truth. Always ask for a timeline so that you will have an idea as to when to expect feedback.

If you are borrowing private money loans to finance your real estate investment, prepare exit strategies that you can use as fallback. For instance, you can sell the house after two years. You may also choose to apply for refinancing. Finding private money lenders is not as difficult as what most of us think. Maximize your resources and you are sure to find one who can help you with your needs. For a list of lenders in your area, go to www.rehabhardmoney.com.

Revisions in the service tax are expected to bring marginal relief to customers compared to the initial proposal
Siddharth Mehta and Priyajit Ghosh
The Union budget of the current year proposed to bring sale of property by a builder to a buyer within the ever-increasing service tax net. Recently, the Government got the proposal approved by the Lok Sabha with certain ‘relaxation’. So, one wonders what is this new tax apart from the existing stamp duty? When is this tax applicable? What is the new relaxation and whether the price of real-estate would further increase?
Initially, service tax was proposed to be imposed at the effective rate of 3.4 per cent on the sale price of the property in case any part of the price was received by the builder prior to issuance of ‘completion certificate’ by the concerned authorities. No service tax is proposed on sale of a completed property.
Apart from the service tax on basic construction price, various other charges such as preferential location charge or other development charges recovered by the builder were also proposed to be taxed at the general rate of 10.3 per cent.
While the proposals were pending approval of the Parliament , the builders realised various challenges, which were taken up with Finance Minister through their trade association.
The effective rate on the basic price was felt to be high since the amount on which the tax is proposed to be charged includes value of land on which no service tax should be applicable. The customers are already paying stamp duty ranging from 4 per cent to 12 per cent on the entire value of the property.
Further, divergent practices are followed in various states and authorities regarding the stage at which the ‘completion certificates’ are issued, posing challenges regarding uniformity of the levy.
The Finance Minister appears to have taken note of at least some of the issues.
Last week, while seeking approval of the budget pro- posals in the Lok Sabha, the effective tax rate on basic price was proposed to be lowered to 2.58 per cent by increasing the existing rate of deduction allowed for com- putation of service tax from 67 per cent to 75 per cent.
Complete waiver of service tax was proposed for certain low-cost housing projects for the urban poor. The finance minster also gave the assurance that procedural issues around the completion certificate would be simplified.
While this is a welcome step, a section of the real estate players still believe that there exists further room for reduction of the effective tax rate and sorting out other issues, for instance whether service tax would required to be paid in relation to the ongoing projects where at least a part of the sale price has been paid by the customers.
To conclude, while the final law is expected to bring some marginal relief to the customers over the initial proposal, the customers should be prepared to dig deeper into their pockets for their dream house.
Courtesy: HT Estate Dtd:-15-05-2010
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Finance can be defined as the branch of economics dealing with the management of money and other assets. The management of credit and banking and the commercial activities of providing funds and capital for investment also fall under the umbrella of finance.

The Effective Management of Assets

Finance is the pivotal feature of any business organization which has the utmost responsibility of raising funds for its corporation with practicing a stable balance between risk and profitability. Real Estate Finance can be defined as a branch of economics which deals with investing money or wealth acquisition in real estate. It is the allocation, generation, and use of monetary resources over time which is invested in the real estate business. Like any other aspect of finance, real estate finance also has risks associated with it –the effective management of assets, which will maintain or increase in value over time, will eventually result to a good investment yield of the project.

The Difference between Real Property and Personal Property

Real estate investment essentially means investing in immovable properties such as land and everything attached to it such as buildings, also known as properties. The difference between a real and personal property (called chattels) is the right for the transfer of title to the property in question in real property whereas the right to personal property or ownership to personal properties cannot be transferred.

Real Estate Can Be Used to Secure a Loan

Real estate investment can be viewed as a handsome business opportunity as real estate can be pledged as collateral to secure a loan for a business venture, to offset otherwise taxable income through cash savings on tax-deductible interest rate losses or rental income can also be derived from a real estate property. A common example of real estate financing occurs whenan individual owning multiple pieces of real estate and use one as his primary residence while others can be rented out. Profits, known as capital gains from real estate financing, can be reaped from real estate financing as a result of appreciation of real estate property prices .

Real estate financing is long term in nature and investment professionals have always maintained that at least 15%-20% of one”s investment portfolio should be devoted to real estate. Real estate financing can either be on residential or commercial properties, which have different tax implications. Real estate investment and financing decisions are inextricably linked and equity investors or borrowers treat real estate investment as much as a financing decision. The most recent development in the field of real estate finance has been the rise of real estate mortgaging business. A mortgage is defined as the conditional pledge of one”s property for the repayment of a debt obligation or a loan. The borrower is called the mortgagor and the lender, the mortgagee.

Another feature associated with real estate financing is the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). A real estate investment trust is a corporation investing in real estate that reduces or eliminates corporate income taxes. In return, REIT”s are required to distribute a majority of their taxable income to their shareholders. This proportion is fixed at 90% for the USA and 90% in case of the UK. India is yet to pass legislation on REIT”s and only a handful of Asian economies such as Japan, Malaysia and Singapore have REIT”s in place. REIT”s can be both privately and publicly held (they are listed in public stock exchanges).

Usually the student or students have limited money. Because most monthly earned money comes from the parents. For students who want to earn extra money, saving and working part-time is an effective way in order to have their own income while still a student.

Here are tips for managing money for students:
1. Write each spending money
It looks a bit overdone, but with regular writing any expenses already incurred, will help you to know the expenses that you incur, and can be more

2. Avoid credit cards and always use cash
Having a credit card is tantamount to making the debt burden if you can not use it properly. If you are comfortable using it, leave that habit now. Switch to pay with cash. It is very effective to help limit monthly spending.

3. Frugality
In addition, frugality also need to be done by reducing snacks outside, it would be better if you can cook for yourself or for the boarding and no time to cook, caterer monthly selection is also a good idea, of course while comparing the previous price.

4. Always compare rates
Whether it’s for money rental housing for which is outside the city, the phone’s data plan, or transportation costs. Get used to always check the price before using the things above.

Usually depending where the price offered is also different. Who knows, you can lower prices so that more efficient for monthly expenses.

5. Saving
Make a habit of saving, is certainly known to be very useful if you need money in an emergency. Set aside some pocket money given by parents into savings.

I have published many articles which are designed to assist commercial borrowers in avoiding commercial loan problems. One of the most serious commercial mortgage business loan situations is a commercial lender that causes problems for their commercial borrowers on a recurring basis. It is particularly this type of commercial lender which prudent commercial borrowers should be prepared to avoid unless viable alternative business financing options do not realistically exist.

As a direct result of my commercial loan experiences advising business owners for over 25 years and regular conversations with other business financing professionals, I do in fact believe that there are a number of commercial lenders that should be avoided. This conclusion is based on a recurring pattern of lending abuses by some business lenders.

This article will not name specific lenders to avoid, but specific examples will be provided to show why informed commercial borrowers should be ready to avoid a variety of business lenders in their search for viable commercial loan solutions. This business financing strategy article will illustrate the significant benefits of avoiding “problem lenders”.

Meaningless Pre-approvals for a Commercial Mortgage Business Loan

An early commercial mortgage pre-approval is often sought by commercial borrowers. The expected advantage to this initial commercial loan approval is that the business borrower can make other business arrangements which are based on the business financing being completed.

An ethical commercial lender will treat any form of business financing approval very seriously. Commercial borrowers should expect that a meaningful version of such an approval will not be realistically possible in just two or three days.

However, there are lenders who prepare a misleading and questionable version of a pre-approval shortly after receiving minimal application data. Because this approach often produces surprises for the borrower as the commercial mortgage process moves forward, borrowers should be wary of any lenders that do this.

Why do some commercial lenders provide such meaningless pre-approvals for a commercial mortgage? There are two likely reasons. (1) To motivate the commercial borrower to stop considering other potential commercial lenders. (2) To provide a business loan pre-approval that is similar to a structure prevalent with residential loans.

Because many commercial loan situations are facilitated by residential mortgage brokers who are typically unfamiliar with normal business financing requirements, this reason will be especially relevant with business lenders that primarily work with residential mortgage brokerage firms. Such a lender should be avoided for most commercial mortgage circumstances.

Commercial Mortgage Loan – Yes or No?

I have published an article which discusses the tendency of many banks to say “yes” when they mean “no”. Such banks will typically attach onerous business financing conditions to commercial loans instead of simply declining the loan. Business owners should explore other commercial mortgage alternatives before accepting commercial financing terms that put them at a competitive disadvantage.

Think Outside the Bank for a Commercial Mortgage

In some non-competitive business markets, it is unfortunately common for a lender to employ business loan terms that would typically not be seen in a more competitive commercial loan environment. Such business lenders can repeatedly take advantage of a non-competitive commercial lending imbalance.

An appropriate response by commercial borrowers is to seek out non-bank commercial loan options. It is neither necessary nor wise for commercial borrowers to depend only upon local traditional banks for commercial mortgage solutions. For most business loan situations, a non-local and non-bank commercial lender is likely to provide improved business financing terms because they are accustomed to competing aggressively with other commercial lenders.

Commercial Property Commercial Loan Appraisals

For commercial mortgage loans, commercial appraisals are an unavoidable part of the commercial loan underwriting process. The commercial appraisal process is lengthy and expensive, so avoiding commercial lenders which have displayed a pattern of problems and abuses in this area will benefit the commercial borrower by saving them both time and money.

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Accounting can be a very high pressure job. Making one small mistake could have devastating frequencies for the finances of a business or individual. Sometimes businesses actively seek to make, what they later claim to be mistakes, leading to accounting scams and scandals – this is a completely different matter.

Through the last few decades alone there have been plenty of accounting scams and scandals to look at. Here are three of the biggest accounting failures of recent years:

The Enron Scandal – A seemingly prosperous energy company founded in Omaha, Nebraska, USA in 1985. The Enron Corporation went bankrupt in 2001 after 16 years in operation. The Enron Scam included many acts of financial corruption including the inflation of revenue and the hiding of debts – both of which lead to the companies demise. Enron executives were also left to face imprisonment after the scandal was revealed. Whilst one of the world biggest accountancy partnerships Arthur Anderson was lead to dissolution because of their role within the misdealing.

The Parmalat Scandal – In 2003, Parmalat were consider the world leaders in UHT Milk production. However, the same year Parmalat S.p.A were forced to collapse owing to a 14bn ($20bn; 13bn) hole in their accounts. There accounting disaster was not only due to misplaced investment, but also non-existent cash funds, fake transactions and hidden debts.

The Waste Management Scam – Before the dissolution of Arthur Anderson in 2001 they were also fined a whopping $7 million for their role in the scandal of Waste Management Inc. It was in 1998 that Waste Management, a Texas company specialising in (you guessed it) waste management service, were revealed to have undergone an accounting scandal. The had made their after-tax profits look higher by augmenting the depreciation length of their plant, property and equipment. They were forced to pay $457 million to settle the legal proceedings, whilst stock prices dropped dramatically and executives were rapidly replaced.

The problems and difficulties that doctors face in their life is very different from those faced by people working in other professions and that is why, independent financial advice especially customized to the requirements of doctors is very much important because the one size fits all strategy will not provide the type of service needed.

Independent financial advice for doctors must be provided by professionals having in-depth knowledge of all the financial challenges which doctors face, from income protection, critical illness, health/life insurance, retirement plans, equity release funds to mortgages. It is also very necessary for the financial advisors to beware of all ins and outs of NHS remuneration, advantages, retirements packages and best mortgage deals available in the market.

As doctors continue their medical practice, they face various financial challenges. Customized independent financial advice for doctors helps them to get ready to overcome all these challenges at every stage of their career and life. This is due to the reason that once doctors start their practice, they have to repay their medical studies debt. In case, a young doctor takes a mortgage loan, he also needs to pay it back regularly. All these liabilities make the financial condition of doctors very tight but customized independent financial advice for doctors helps doctors to meet all these liabilities responsibly and secure their financial future.

When young doctors marry and have kids, they need to support their family while making a perfect balance between their family and professional life just like any other young professional does and all this cant be done without proper financial planning. Independent financial advice can help utilize their all their monies and enjoy their married life. Generally, doctors are at the peak of their earning capabilities when their kids grow up. This is a stage of life when all doctors work hard to afford the higher education of their kids. Customized independent financial advice for doctors helps them to do exactly that.

The last but the most important stage of doctors career is their upcoming retirement. This is a stage when doctors have maximum financial opportunities to plan an easy and comfortable life after their retirement. Thus, whatever type of job chosen by a doctors, whether it is private practice, general practice, or a hospital job, customized independent financial advice for doctors can help them face all kinds financial challenges, make the most of each of them and ensure a secure financial future. Whether it is choosing a good income protection or equity release funds scheme or grabbing the best mortgage deal for doctors, independent financial advice for doctor can help in every possible to make their life easy, secure and trouble-free.

Medics Financial Services are experienced in providing professional mortgage services and independent financial advice to the medical and dental professions including GP’s in practice partnerships or locum posts, hospital doctors, consultants, dentists and dental principals, vets and opticians.

Certified Financial Planner Certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, Most of forex advisory services have the facility of sending short- and intermediate-term spot forex and currency futures recommendations, In todays increasingly competitive market, many CPA and Financial Planning firms are feeling that if they do not market. One of its most attractive features is that a unit trust will invest your money across a range of different kinds of investments. The usual reason for interest in any specific investment bank include: (a) a strong platform, which means strong coverage teams. The properties showcased by the Aspire service are added to the Emerges database after close consultation with the property owners. You want to start a business but have no money to start a business. Well there are many players who offer business loan services in the market.

Securities are created and issued by corporate bodies and governments, which are in need of funds to finance expansion or development projects. Network, a business division of NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd., was established in year 2003 as a dedicated platform offering comprehensive services and support to the independent financial advisors. The financial crisis triggered aggressive and innovative central bank policy responses globally. In the US, we’re familiar with the Fed’s various emergency lending programs. The other hat is the BPO Center of Excellence. To explain how this evolved: when we started really looking across the business we realized that although many departments were starting to do outsourcing. An asset management solutions company aims to add value in your business by exploiting market inefficiencies in the areas of relative value. The most common debt planning advice from experienced financial advisers is to only spend what you can afford. Economically, these disasters can be devastating locally but are almost never big enough to sink national or global economies and, thus, aren’t big enough to derail global stocks. Versatility in the services offered by the chartered accountants is what makes them the most professional financial advisors.

Our recent economic crisis was the result of both irresponsible actions on Wall Street, and everyday choices on Main Street. The government wants the banks to lend more. Banks like lending. Lending is profitable for banks. The government wants to deter risky behavior by increasing taxes. Advisors to privately held businesses play a critical role in this Exit Strategies process. Privately held businesses have limited resources. Many financial dailies, business channels and even trading experts on the social networking sites provide real time trading advice continuously till the closing bell rings. The power of a penny stock is the fact that the shares are normally priced so low that there is an incredible amount of leverage available to the investor. A business owners exit is a once-in-a-lifetime transformation. Were not talking about selling a house or a car. In closing, most business owners will make up their minds to do something when they are good and ready to do so.


In this rapidly changing world, the need for an effective and efficient course of study has become very important. Finance is often confused with economics, but finance stands totally aloof of economics.Economics is the study of demand and supply of goods and services, finance deals with allocation of assets and capital of a company or its investors. Finance also includes managing of risks and time value of money which ensures a good return on the investment made. There are mainly two verticals attached with finance which are the most important aspects that a financial expert should inherit. The two verticals are mainly economics and finance. Finance has a very broad concept, even a little but good understanding of it can give you employment and earn you a great livelihood.
Many short term finance courses are available in the business institutions of the country. Through these finance courses you can get an opportunity of employment very easily and quickly. You can excel in it depending upon the level of intelligence, communication skills, risk taking and calibre you possess. A financial expert needs to be updated every now and then with the latest news and other risk involving factors as this can directly affect the risk involved in an investment. People interested in the finance sector should watch news on the television and read the newspaper very carefully so that they can analyse the various factors which can affect the investment plan.
There are a great number of finance courses in India available at the undergraduate and the post graduate level which can be completed in a short period of time. These courses can be done on a full time basis or part time basis as well. Many institutions which offer courses like MBA also offer short term courses in finance. These courses includes courses like Certified Financial Planner(CFP), certified financial analyst(CFA),post graduate course in financial valuation (PGCFV), post graduate course in financial research(PGCFR), etc.
The course of certified financial planner can be done on both part time and full time basis. CFP is the highest qualification which can be achieved by a financial planner in the whole world. Thefirst preference of leading Indian and foreign companies is a CFP qualified person. Post graduate course in financial valuation is a course of six to twelve month duration. It is a full time classroom program. It also includes lectures by professional experts to provide a better exposure to their students. It covers the most important topics of finance like finance valuation, financial research and data analysis, reporting of finance and strategic planning. Post graduate course in financial research includes topics like financial research,commodity and equity,investment banking, private equity and credit valuation. You can choose among the various available courses according to your interests and desire.
Short term financial courses help a person to get a job opportunity very quickly and within a few months it transforms a person into a financial expert. Fee structure of the course is variable according to different institutions.

Small entrepreneurs who dream to set-up their business but lack the resources often find themselves unable to follow their dreams. The entrepreneurs who dare to set up their business have to resort to bootstrapping, which means that they have to run their business with the bare minimum resources. This is the reason why the entrepreneurs who want to implement their ideas in their business are always on a lookout for investors who could help them with franchise financing. To carve a niche for themselves, they require the help of the investors who take keen interest in their business and show their support by pumping in the required resources. Franchise financing is a kind of financing where you invest in franchise to establish it as a known brand. To initiate the process, you can invest your retirement funds in your franchise and when you have something to show for the investment, you can go about finding franchise funding sources and get finance for your franchise.

There are certain factors which must fall in place when you wish to establish your own franchise. Owing to the immense competition, you need to be ahead of your rivals in all aspects. You may choose between several small business funding options which are available from time to time. There are fundraising events that take place, especially for the entrepreneurs who can attract the investors by the idea and the execution plan. Even If you are not able to find any investor for franchise financing, you can start with the retirement fund that you have accumulated over the years. After you have started your enterprise and have some achievements to show to the investors, you can expect funding for franchise. There are many business funding options in the market and the investors are also looking for entrepreneurs with novel ideas and abilities to execute them.

Where to avail services from experts in franchise financing?

These days, many entrepreneurs are keen on making their presence felt by rolling out their own franchise. Owing to the lack of funds, these entrepreneurs are always on the lookout of investors who can pump in resources in their startup. There are many companies which help the entrepreneurs to find the investors and explore franchise funding options for them. These companies possess a team of professionals who find the finance for the franchise. They work in close association with the entrepreneurs and help them find new avenues of franchise finance.